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teaser Hey guys, today I’m very thrilled to announce that people at Manning Publications have made a wonderful gift to our beloved visitors of The Python Corner: the 40% off to ANY single Python book of their catalog. Just use the code nlcorner40 during the check out process and enjoy your 40% off!

Manning Publications has a great catalog of books about Python, both printed or ebook and what I love most is that they have a modern idea about what a book is.

What do I mean? Well, it’s easily explained in three points:

  1. If you buy a printed book on Manning Publications, you get the eBook version FOR FREE as well. Their idea is simple: you’re buying the content, not the book. And I couldn’t agree more on that!
  2. If you have bought an eBook with Manning you can easily upgrade to the printed version anytime, and it cost as little as $12 + shipping. Pretty cool uh?
  3. They have the “Manning Early Access Program” (or MEAP) that allows you to read a book chapter by chapter while it’s being written. That’s an amazing opportunity both for you and for the author… and obviously, you will get the final book as soon it’s finished!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Manning Publications and have a look at their catalog, they have also some FREE book as well, so why don’t give them a try?

My advice is for “The Well-Grounded Python Developer” By Doug Farrell. It’s only at chapter 2 right now, but Doug is an incredible professional that writes articles for Real Python, so it’s what I call a “sure bet”! ;)

Enjoy! D.

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