The Python Corner was born in 2016.

I was working on a log analyzer for Windows when I discovered that the open Python statement on Windows behave differently than it does on Linux because on Windows it actually locks the opened file. It seemed strange to me and I decided to write a post about that on my Medium publication.

I started to receive a lot of comments of people thanking me for the article and I decided that I would post something else if I had another nice tip to share and a couple of weeks later I had the need to automate a simple web navigation with Python. This gave me the idea for my second post and I collected even more visualization and comments than the first one.

This started everything.

Quite soon I realized that the Medium publication couldn’t be a viable solution for the long run.
They were bringing me a lot of visitors but with no monetization at all and if I decided to switch to another platform what would become of my visitors?
I also wrote a Medium article about their senseless business model, and after that, I left Medium and started this site.

I wish I could transform this place in a real community of people that share their Pythonic enthusiasm and help each other, I wish I had tons of guest posts, I wish this place could expand and become something great.

This is just the beginning guys… and if you want to help me, just click here.