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Manning Publications

In this article we proudly present our friends of Manning Pubblication and … we have a special gift for you!

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The art of avoiding nested code

The fifth statement of Tim Peter’s “Zen of Python” is: “Flat is better than nested”. So, let’s explore some tips to make our code flatter and avoid nested code in Python! :)

Logging in Python

Do you always write log routines to make your program be verbose in the production environment? No? Well, you’d better have a look at this article.

Working with Exception in Python

To know how exception works in Python is really important. Exceptions are not just used to control the program’s errors but also to manage the program’s flow and in this post, we will discuss this specific topic

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Python Metaclasses

“Metaclasses are deeper magic than 99% of users should ever worry about. If you wonder whether you need them, you don’t”. That’s what Tim Peters once said. But aren’t you curious to know something about them? :)

Using Virtual Environments in Python

virtualenv, virtualenv-wrapper, pyvenv, python3 -m venv… What are they? Here you will find everything you need to know about virtual environments in Python!

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